About the Team

Our team consists of travel and festival enthusiasts who believe in the power and necessity of public relations. 

Jennifer Ahken, travel photographer and aspiring PR professional.


Figure Skating Coach, Food and Travel Enthusiast and, Women’s Rights Advocate. I am an individual who thrives for a life filled with adventure, good food and good music, and lots of love.

Adelaide Cammock, master editor and aspiring PR professional.

  In addition to my interest in public relations, I love all things health, writing, and social justice. Once an aspiring nurse, I now hope to use my skills in communications to help level the playing field for the disadvantaged. 

Amal Elmi, festival expert and aspiring PR professional. 


I’m born in Montreal and raised in Ottawa, I have a very diverse group of friends so I’ve always been surrounded by different cultures. They have taught so many me new things which I appreciated so much. Thus, bringing about my love for travel. As for my education I aspire to be a pr agent in hopes to work with non-profit organizations and essential help make a change in which ever way I can with my knowledge and skills.

Jessica Lind, travel expert and aspiring PR professional.


Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario I am an aspiring Public Relations professional. I love animals and travelling, and hope to one day travel Canada and have fun experiences in every city.

Erica Principe, travel expert and aspiring PR professional.


Native to Montreal, I grew up surrounded by a melting pot of cultures. After discovering a love for travelling  at a young age, I now feel most at home on a plane headed to a new destination. I feel it is important to learn, explore, and embrace new places. I am also a lover of fashion, beauty, food, languages, communications, and women’s rights. With my interest and current education in public relations, I strive to utilize my skills to get key messages about travel and festivals across.Through this blog, I aim to help individuals share my love for travel and public relations.

Juliana Saga Muhawe, Fashion expert and aspiring PR professional.


I love travelling and seeing new things. I love celebrating new and different cultures and I am a fashion expert. I love meeting and interacting with new people. I believe Public Relations will take me anywhere and I believe that Public Relation practice is an essential skill and asset to be successful.